What started out as an outlet to discuss my love of handbags, lipstick and life, quickly transformed into my very own little corner of the internet, a place where I can talk frankly about whatever I like, but usually, I just like to have a bloody good rant!  Im not afraid to speak my mind and have been known to tackle some pretty juicy topics, head on.  From my over enthusiasm for a good white shirt to Mental Health, periods and even my complete and total detestation towards bullying, you can read an example of this in my open Letter to Guru Gossip.

Rebecca Rose blog has very recently had a makeover ‘Hurrah! New year, new me’ and all of that jazz!  RebeccaRoseBlog.co.uk offers honest beauty and product reviews, lots of fashion and style photography and a few lifestyle bits and bobs thrown in for good measure.  But most of all it offers frank and honest articles about things that are important to me and things that I feel should be discussed.


​I grew up in Hertfordshire and attended Nottingham Trent University, where I got my degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion.  After meeting my boyfriend here in Nottingham, I decided to stay and thats how I ended up in my lovely home, with my lovely fella and my incredibly adorable little white dog, Mia.  It’s also where I realised that I had abandoned all hope of pursuing a career in the Fashion Industry.

So, for now, i’m stuck in a pretty dead end job, which in all honesty, I despise, it pays the bills though and I still have time to create content, which is where my passion truly lies! I get to write, I get to design and I also have a brilliant excuse as to why I own three cameras and a ridiculous amount of lenses.  I am incredibly grateful that I get to do this, as, in all honesty, without it, I think i’d go insane.

Lastly If you’re looking for perfect, that just isn’t me, I’d say that sometimes i’m overly passionate about things, I drink far more coffee than the average human should and my house is a mess at least eighty seven percent of the time.  I don’t enjoy eating ‘clean’ or going to the gym and I only run when I’m being chased.  Although, I’m so god damn flaky, that next week, i’ll probably tell you that I’ve signed up to run a marathon and I’m on a juice cleanse. What a treat!