An open letter to Guru Gossip.

Todays post was going to be something completely different to this, but I went to bed last night, really f*cking angry.  So I stayed up and wrote an open letter to Guru Gossip, who, if you don’t know, are basically a website/chatroom, who essentially bully content creators.  My advice would be to not visit these sites, because they are disgusting and are funded by visits.
Also, here are some photos of me in a coat, which I now feel are really unimportant, but Im annoyed and when i’m annoyed I cannot rest until I get a few things off of my chest!
Dear Guru Gossip and members,
This week, I read something so incredibly heartbreaking, a content creator, whom I have a great deal of adoration for, has been needlessly and endlessly attacked, by a group of people from your site.  Now, I don’t know for sure, but after reading some of the abhorrent, heinous and malicious comments on Guru Gossip, I whole heartedly believe that these attacks have been perpetrated by some of your members and I for one, am appalled.
I really need to understand what it is that makes you perform such evil acts? Are you unhappy? Do you feel so much jealously boiling up inside of you that you have to cause pain in order to cure your self loathing? Because if this is the case, do you feel better yet? Have all of your dreams suddenly come true, simply by attempting to take away someone else’s happiness? Do you suddenly have an amazing career, a wonderful family, all of the most beautiful belongings and a charming house? You don’t? Oh.  
Tearing someone else down will not assist you in gaining all of those things, working hard and being a good person might do.  I hate to break it to you, but spreading so much hate wont improve your life.  Yes, temporarily, perhaps you’ll feel just a little better and I’m sure that she, (who will not be named) will feel physically unwell with anxiety, she’ll probably curl up in bed, sobbing, surrounded by people who love her, but feeling so utterly alone.  But none of that will last, her successes will not go away and she will continue to grow and grow and grow, until you cannot get to her anymore, then what will you do? 
So here I am, just a girl, standing in front of a group of trolls asking them to think, dear god, THINK, before you type that disgusting sentence! Think about how you would feel if thousands and thousands of evil comments were being written about you, how would you feel? Your one small comment might seem insignificant, like a drop in the ocean, but all of those tiny drops add up to a vast expanse of poisonous, shit filled, malignant ooze, which in the end, is good for nobody.

But before you go, hear this, you attacked someone that belongs to our community and community means a lot to us, bloggers, content creators, influencers, “triggered b*tches”, whatever you want to call us.  Do not think that because you’re in your fortress of cyber solitude that you are safe, in the words of Liam Neeson, ‘I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.’ 

I’m totally kidding.  I will however, stand up for the people whom you attack, as will many others, I can assure you.  I might not be able to shut you down, but I will band together with my community to attempt to do some good, to balance out your shit shower, with support and positivity.

Whatever It is that motivates you to act like nasty b*tches, I urge you to rewire your thought processes.  Im not here to hate you or scream at you, I just want you to understand how irrevocably unacceptable your behaviour is and to perhaps give some thought to your actions. 

With all that said, I really do hope you find what you’re looking for, through hard work, perseverance, kindness and just not being a dick, really.

Merry Christmas.


  1. December 29, 2017 / 6:43 am

    i really struggle to believe that sites like this even exist. like, seriously?! do these people not have lives / dogs / friends?! it's disgusting. but i do always think that they make up such a SMALL and bitter part of society – the vast majority of people are lovely, supportive and kind!

    looking gorgeous in these pics, loooooove your coat.

    katie. xx

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