Let’s Catch Up

As I write this post, the sound of the fire quietly crackling to itself and the faint snore of my little dog, Mia, who, every so often kicks me, as she dreams of her day is making me feel all cozy and snuggly.  To my right, our seven ft tall, ever so slightly skewed, Christmas tree is enthusiastically twinkling away and over in the corner, the Adventures of Tintin softly fills the remaining silence.  I’ve always been the type to have the television on in the background, more so for comfort than anything else, I suppose I got that from my dad.  As Tuesday evenings go, it’s a pretty standard one.

I guess I’ve got a few things to fill you in on, for a start, my photos got better, huh!  A week or so ago, I decided to take the plunge and hire a photographer.  Ive been blogging since around 2013, but had never really taken it all that seriously, however, lately it’s all I can think about.  I can’t even get a coffee anymore, without carefully considering, which venue, will have the prettiest setting, the best light and the most visually appealing beverages, for me to snap for ‘the gram’.  To be honest, its getting pretty out of hand, but I enjoy it and thats all that matters.  It’s also a great outlet for me to express myself creatively, as since graduating (Fashion Communication and promotion) all of the work I used to enjoy has very much taken a back seat, to my boring old nine to five (which by the way, is slowly and quietly killing me) I love to style outfits, put together look books and take photos, but very obviously, I was struggling to get good photos of myself! Enter Rhys, an extremely patient photographer, who put up with me, for over an hour.  At first, I had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted, some of the binned photos are awkward AF and don’t even get me started on the lipstick on my teeth! Did I mention I was also hungover and had only had 3 hours and 45 minutes sleep! Epic faux pas!
I really felt like I learned a lot working with Rhys and I’m excited to work with him again.  I feel like I’ve got a handle on what to do now and hopefully Im passed the awkward, ‘I don’t know you and this is weird’ stage.  Its also kind of scary trying to get those Instagram worthy photos, when you know you’re socially awkward and not very ‘cool’, but all in all, I’m looking forward to shooting more content and I think next time I’ll be better prepared (and ‘ahem’, not hungover/sleep deprived)




As I mentioned before, our Christmas tree is up now, (YAY) it’s so large, like, obnoxiously large and ever so slightly on the wonk, but I love it and I even used the bits I trimmed off of the bottom to decorate the fire place, it looks so cute! I’m hoping to put together a lovely little Christmas post, with some photos of our decorations, so, watch this space!
Anyway, I really hope you love these photos as much as I do, if you know me well, you’ll know that outfits like this one are essentially my uniform.  I’m excited to show you some of the new pieces I’ve been buying lately, speaking of which, I styled a lovely outfit today, which involves and crisp white shirt, a beautiful Balmain-esq blazer and a gorgeous red bag!



I’d love to tell you that I’m off to London, for exciting meetings, or Jet setting off to Paris, but as it stands, currently, life is pretty unexciting, its certainly something Im working on though.  For now, the sound of Adams car pulling into the driveway, right this second, is more than enough excitement for me!



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    Thanks sweetheart! Hope you're well! xx

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