My Summer Ride – The Pendleton Somerby

I remember the very first time I saw a bike like this one; I was a little girl, in the South of France, on holiday with my family.  Every morning I saw an attractive French woman; ride past on her beautiful blue bicycle, with a basket on the front, which always held whatever she had brought from the shop that day.  Sometimes bread, often wine and once a bouquet of exquisite, pink and white flowers.

The entire holiday I imagined myself owning a bike, just like hers, basket and all.  But of course, the holiday ended, we came home, life happened and I forgot all about the bike.
Fast forward 20 odd years, to the day that I was wandering aimlessly around Nottingham City Centre, my home town, when my boyfriend phoned me to ask if I would mind helping him choose a new bike.  Adam is an avid cyclist, the outdoorsy type, who has absolutely no fear when it comes to riding in busy traffic or speeding along the wild trails of Sherwood pines, I however, not so much.  A few years after that holiday, I broke my arm, falling off of a bike and I had barely ridden one ever since and had absolutely no desire to ever buy a bike for myself. 
As I walked up to meet him at our local cycling shop, expecting to give advice on which bike I thought was the prettiest/least expensive, whilst preparing my lecture about the importance of safety, I stopped dead in my tracks…There it was shining beautifully in the window, THE bike, the one from the South of France, well not THE bike, but a very similar one, basket and all.
From that moment, I hijacked Adams appointment, I wanted the bike, eight year old me, NEEDED THAT BIKE.  Before I knew it, things were being ordered and I was finally the proud owner of a Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike in Mint Green, with a bloody basket!
Eight year old Becki was ecstatic; 28 year old Becki however, was having heart palpitations.
I remember several things going through my mind at the moment I collected the bike…
1) How the hell am I getting this thing home?
Well, because I was too afraid to ride the damn thing, along the road, without supervision, I walked it home, in blistering heat, for one and a half miles.
2) Can I even ride a bike anymore?
Turns out it really is true what they say, you don’t forget how and after a little afternoon in the park with Adam, I was speeding around like an eight year old kid on their birthday.  I say speeding; I’d probably call it more of a cautious crawl.  But it felt fast to me.
3) Why do I even need this?
The honest answer is, I probably don’t, but the few times that I have ridden this bike so far, have been brilliant.  I have giggled like a child, scraped my knees and connected with my boyfriend by joining him in an activity that he enjoys. 


I feel like sometimes we spend far too much time ‘adulting’ and I for one am not always a fan of being an adult.  Sometimes, you just have to indulge that little kid inside of you and buy the damn bike.
I really love my bike for day to day riding; it’s great, for things like popping to the shops, especially with the basket, to hold onto your purchases, it’s also great for things like picnics and little trips to the park.
I once took this bike to Sherwood pines, which is a bit more of a rough trail, the bike survived, but my bum, was in pain for a few days and the basket rattled so much, I thought it may just fall off, so it’s probably not to best for slightly rougher terrain.
Another great thing about this bike is that it’s just so pretty! Let’s be honest, it’s one of the main reasons for buying a bike like the Pendleton, it looks lovely.
In Summary, I’m glad I own this bike, it’s pretty to look at, fun to ride and has helped me to get over my fear of cycling.  I also think that it will be lovely to take on our little family trip to Padstow in September; perhaps I can ride it to the shop every morning to get my bread, wine and flowers, just like the lady, in the South of France, all those years ago.

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Rebecca Rose.


  1. October 3, 2017 / 2:06 pm

    What a stunning bike 😍😍
    I don't think I've ridden one since I was about 9 years old but I'd ride that everywhere xxx

  2. October 19, 2017 / 8:18 pm

    only just seen this! Thanks hun! 🙂 xx

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